2024 Maarja Mäemets at the Berlin Design Week

TᕼIᖇᔕT Iᑎ ᗷEᖇᒪIᑎ
Berlin Design Week 27.04.–5.05.
The inspiration behind the TᕼIᖇᔕT series is rooted in the metaphor of nurturing and growth. It symbolizes the act of watering aspects of life that are deserving of attention and cultivation. TᕼIᖇᔕT serves as a reminder to remain present, embrace abundance, and courageously pursue a life filled with purpose and meaning. Watering becomes a sacred ritual.
The series exemplifies the power of collective flow, craftsmanship, and creative vision, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal in everyday objects.
Watering cans are the result of a collaboration with glassblowers Aleksandra Ehrensvärd and Martin Ehrensvärd from Stockholms Glasbruk studio in Sweden.
The visual aesthetics and conceptual composition are cultivated through a unique collaboration with photographer Triinu Kööba.