2024 Eeva Käsper IN SILENCE

Eeva Käsper
HOP Gallery, Tallinn, May 17–June 11, 2024

Eeva Käsper’s exhibition In Silence opened at HOP gallery on May 17th, 2024.

Glass artist Eeva Käsper’s glass sculptures and mirror photographs summarise her work of the past year, with the small glimpses into the past. At the same time, the material for these works has accumulated over the past six years during which the artist has lived in South Estonia. She describes her daily life and creative process as follows:

Living in harmony with nature is different from urban life. It is being enchanted by natural phenomena and the seasons, both fearing and enjoying the power and inevitability. Everything is constantly changing, and yet I am always aware of how the cycle of nature repeats itself year after year. The photograph, as a record of a single moment in time, enables one to be in a state of flux through the reflections of glass and light in the gallery space, unfolding in many different ways. Evening light, patterns, traces, air, repetition. Peace of mind, silent drifting, pause, absorption, isolation. Beauty, contentment, clarity of senses.

Külliki Saldre has stated in one of the interviews: “Pause, silence, the opportunity to perceive what you are feeling – this is one of the most beautiful things. To listen what you are thinking.”
Pause and presence – for listening and contemplation, to reach closer to yourself.

Such sensuality is reflected in the interplay of light and artwork at the exhibition – and in the symbiosis of perception and superior craftsmanship in glass art.

Eeva Käsper graduated from the department of glass art at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1998. After defending Master’s degree in 2003, she worked as an assistant and lecturer in the same department until 2015. She is one of the founders of the Klaasiklubi studio (2009) and the owner of Serene PLC glass studio in South Estonia (2018). Eeva Käsper has participated in exhibitions, conferences and symposia in numerous countries in Europe, as well as in Turkey and Korea. Her work has been recognized in several international competitions and has been acquired to the collections of institutions and private collectors.

Graphic design of the exhibition: Meelis Mikker
Exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.
Exhibitions in HOP gallery are supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Culture and Liviko Ltd.
Thank you: Tsenter, Serene OÜ, Raimond Russak, Veiko Iliste, Hans-Otto Ojaste.

HOP gallery
Hobusepea 2, 10133 Tallinn
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