2023 Merle Kannus / Jeff Zimmer A SHIMMERING HOME

Merle Kannus / Jeff Zimmer A SHIMMERING HOME The Glass Factory 29.04 - 8.10.2023 Curator Max Syron says: In this duo show, Jeff Zimmer and Merle Kannus explore identity through contrasting styles of flat ...

2023 Birgit Pählapuu and Piret Ellamaa at the Irish Glass Biennale

Info: info [at] okapi [dot] ee Photos from the opening https://irelandglassbiennale.wixsite.com/website https://www.sofinearteditions.com/ireland-glass-biennale/

2023 Maarja Mäemets SAND CASTLES

ARS Project Space 23.03.-16.04.2023

2023 Maret Sarapu FREE AND HELD

On Tuesday, 7 February at 18.00 Maret Sarapu opens her solo exhibition Free and Held at Draakoni gallery. The exhibition is open until 4 March. Maret Sarapu's seventh solo exhibition looks ...

2023 Malle Karik-Hallimäe and Eili Soon. DAWNING

Photos by Mati Hiis: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=712801640509508&set=pcb.712804143842591