2024 Erki Kannus GLASS BODY

Erki Kannus
Okapi gallery

Erki Kannus’s exhibition “Glass Body” explores the transformation of the intimate human body into a sterile glass object. The exhibit consists of two glass installations: an interactive sound instrument “Evening Milk” and “No Name – Time After” – a series of nudes drawn with hot glass.

“No Name – Time After” contemplates the fragility of the biological body, painting a dystopian picture of a post-nuclear-war world. Also included is a video of the artist’s creative/destructive process.

“Evening Milk” conveys a calm, almost pastoral late afternoon mood, where the ponderous sounds of a harmonica, the babbling of water, and the clinking of buckets can be heard. The audience can move organic-looking glass objects up and down in water, producing a meditative soundscape.

Sponsored by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.