2014 Meeli Koiva was keynote speaker at the Light and design Conference in Eskilstuna, Sweden

The light and glass artist Meeli Koiva was one of the keynote speakers at Light in the City 3-rd Conference in Eskilstuna, Sweden. There was also organizedthe light festival Natlljus. Meeli Koiva was the only artist as the keynote speaker at this conference.

The conference was about light and design in a larger perspective.

Light in the City is the project what was supported by European Union foundations.

The topic of the conference was to fiund high level permanent art-light sculptures for the cities, to promote and show the perspectives of light art and citylighting.

The organizers’ idea was to link artists, city officials and the representatives of light firms.

The Light in the City conference in Eskilstuna was the third conference of the 2 years series.

Two previous conferences of The Light in the City took place in Hasselt, autumn 2013 and spring 2014 in Tartu.

Artists have been chosen by the European competition for all these conferences.

And the jury was formed by the leading curators of European art museums and city officials.

Meeli Koiva was one of the winners for two times, for the Hasselt (Belgium) Conference 2013 and to the Tartu (Estonia) Conference 2014.

The third time there was also organized a competition for professional artists and via competition 8 artists from Europe were selected, by a short portfolio viewing presentation.

Meeli Koiva’s talk was about the importance of artists’ vision in nowadays very similar and monotonous technically cold environments.

By the words of an artist the unique handwriting of an artist helps to bring to the city environment human sensitive touch, where our glimpse could stay, and to turn the environment more unique and personal.

At her paper She introduced her new glass -light projects for Silicon Valley, that clue together glass, light, social problems and the environment.

Meeli Koiva has been one of the innovators, trailblazers and forerunners in the glass and light field for over 30 years.

Her glass and light art for the architecture has been reproduced at the US and at the European magazines.

She has been invited to make presentations at  universities, she has been an invited speaker at seminars and at conferences in Europe and USA.

Film about 2 years project:Light in the City project, funded by the European Union`s Europe for Citizens Programme via youtube (statements by Meeli Koiva aka Mery Crystal Ra included):
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