2014 An article on 10 pages about Meeli Koiva, at the magazine The World of Glass 2014 autumn issue

1 (1)The magazine The World of Glass published at their autumn issue an article “Visions of Light and Glass about Meeli Koiva`s glass creations. The article is written by British professor David Richard Arney. The magazine is published in English and Greek languages.
The first presentation of the magazine took place in October, 2014 at the world’s biggest and leading glass exhibition and glass congress Glasstec in Düsseldorf.
In the future, the magazine will be presented at the leading glass exhibitions, conferences USA, Europe, Asia.
In the article David Richard Arney is describing philosophical glass creations in architecture and their meanings and connections with light.
Last 30 years, Meeli Koiva has been an innovator, a pioneer and a trailblazer in the field of glass -light art in Europe and in the USA.
There are also examples and stories about the meanings in the architectural context and about their impression for the viewer.
Meeli Koiva is describing her long creative process: how the glass paintings have born.
The glasspaintings have been created on the surfaces of the new bureau glass façades, on the atrium glass surfaces, on the façade windows.
Meeli Koiva is describing also her innovative acrylic paintings which have been printed on glass panels and give a kinetic effect in collaboration with specifically composed animations.
Meeli Koiva is expressing how important is the artist’s handwriting in our monotonous architectural environment and speaking about the artist’s mission to make changes in architectural situations.
The artist is transforming her sensitive aquarelles and acrylic paintings in huge glass surfaces.
For Meeli Koiva, the architectural context is as a sensitive screen for light-glass messages. Science is meeting spirituality through light and glass.
Innovative and technically experimental and pioneered glass-video art pieces and glass-light sculptures by Meeli Koiva achieved recognition and accolodates among European and American top professionals and in international magazines.
The same article is also published in full length at the Marbella Marbella Adelante website.
Visions of Light and Glass-International Success for Meeli Koiva: .http://marbellamarbella.es/2014-10-01/visions-of-light-and-glass-international-success-for-meeli-koiva/