2024 Erki Kannus ROUTE66

Erki Kannus solo exhibition ROUTE66  is open at the Rapla County Centre for Contemporary Art from Feb 3 to 25.

Erki Kannus (1958) celebrates his 66th jubilee with this exhibition, displaying both very recent and very early paintings, drawings and objects.

The artist describes how the exhibition came together:
“In Spring 2023, I re-bought an old print of my own creation, that had been in the collection of Matti Milius, dissolved after the collector’s death. This is one of my earliest works ever displayed, from 1977 or ’78, and the only surviving work from that time. Back then, we used to be a group of art school graduates, enchanted by Constructivism and Suprematism. Leonhard Lapin was our great friend and mentor.
I have returned to those themes now and again, and now, finding inspiration from my past, I painted a whole new series.
I’m also a lifelong fan of Surrealism and the DADA movement. I’ve tried to understand the state of mind behind the creation of these works, to see what feeds the imagination. I’ve tried to find my own surreal visions, since I find this world relatable, attractive, and safe. Sometimes, I can make it work.