Sigrid Luitsalu’s solo exhibition Inner Patterns of Repetition opened in HOP gallery 24.08. – 19.09.2023

Repetition is intricate. It is sameness and difference, a play of simple and complex repetitions, which is masked and unmasked, static and dynamic – concealing the meaning and yet bringing it to light. The play of repetitions and differences becomes like a maze – a tender balance of clarity and confusion, in which it becomes easy to get entangled in. The repetitions inside and outside of us can feel automatic, stereotypical, yet we can find in them endless differences, variants and conversions – beauty. Sometimes, the differences are so subtle, making the repetition feel endless and same. Layer by layer repetition becomes a force with an unpredictable effect. Perhaps, what is repeating, is difference itself?

Sigrid Luitsalu (b.1988) is a glass artist and creativity coach, in 2016 she completed her BA studies at the Department of Glass Art of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Her art is influenced by her previous academic interests and pursuits in both Philosophy and Asian Studies. As an artist she is interested in the patterns of nature and of oneself, drawing inspiration from the continual transformation and growth of nature’s living forms and of our inner world.

Exhibitions in HOP gallery are supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Culture and Liviko Ltd.