2016 LIGHT SHINES THROUGH at Kondas Centre

Kondas Centre is happy to invite you to the opening of Reet Talimaa’s and Kai Kiudsoo-Värv’s joint exhibition Light Shines Through on Saturday the 2nd of April at 4 p.m. 

The exhibition’s title Light Shines Through states the simple truth that only light enables us to see nature and Creation. Each spring light is wonderfully reborn. This knowledge carries us through the long darkness, because the miserably dark season always seems to go on forever. Living in a northern country our rhythm of life is inextricably linked with the duality of light and darkness.

Light bears, grows and affirms life in both the direct and indirect sense. Light is the window of life, every human’s window to the world. Creator’s hope, the heart of light.

The troubled and bellicose times we live in remind us an old story about Martin Luther who in rensponse to the question what would he do if he knew that the world would end tomorrow replied that he would plant an apple tree.

We as artists use the time we’ve been granted for doing exhibitions. We are sisters who grew up in Tallinn. Glass artist Kai Kiudsoo-Värv’s hometown remains to be Tallinn, while the textile artist Reet Talimaa has been living in Viljandi for a little more than twenty years.

As sisters our creative searches and experiments are naturally bound together, though not so much in a tangible imagery but in the same kind of thinking and world view we share. Therefore we have decided to bring together works of art which have been created in different times and by different motivations. In 2007 we exhibited our works together in a small town of Den Helder in the Netherlands. This is our first joint exhibition in homely Estonia.

We devote this exhibition to our beloved mother, Sirje Kiudsoo, joyful spring child.

Reet Talimaa, textile artist
Kai-Kiudsoo Värv, glass artist