2012 Mare Saare’s residency exhibition in Japan

An exhibition of three ceramic and glass artists – Mare Saare (Estonia), Sally Walk (Australia) and Brian Benfer (USA) was held at the Seto City Art Museum, Japan, in March 3 – 25, 2012. All three completed a residency at the Seto Ceramic and Glass centre in 2011 – 2012. Sally Walk’s porcelain was inspired by the sea, close to the artist’s home, and included numerous subtle light objects. Brian Benfer takes his inspiration from ready-made objects and transfers them into clay. Mare Saare presented a collection of ten fragile glass objects „World without end“.

The residency program at the Seto Ceramic and Glass Centre, financed by Seto Cultural Promotion Foundation started in 2000 and has by today welcomed 50 glass and ceramic artists from all corners of the world. From Estonia the ceramic artist Annika Teder has been selected as a resident in 2004. The one to two months’ residency is concluded by an exhibition at the Seto City Art Museum and most of the works created during the stay become part of the museum’s permanent collection.