2022 Kai Kiudsoo-Värv MOMENTS at A-Gallery

Ivar Kaasik / Kai Kiudsoo-Värv / Yao Tan / Jacqueline Yajing Yao

On Wednesday, August 31 four exhibitions will be opened on A-Gallery WINDOWS: Estonian artists Ivar Kaasik and Kai Kiudsoo-Värv, French artist Yao Tan and Chinese artist Jacqueline Yaing Yao.
The exhibitions will stay open until October 29.

Ivar Kaasik
The exhibition is a meditation on the themes of death. The artist used recyclable materials to create this jewellery, thus giving new life and meaning to existing matter. Some of the materials regenerate themselves naturally in the wild by recreating themselves over and over again. Until humans draw a line and end its life. Only to begin again and again.

Jacqueline Yajing Yao

This exhibition reflects how everyone has their own world – a space where they become themselves. It is both spiritual and precious. While some may open their world to share themselves, others are more protective. Yao’s works take inspiration from this space of separation. A place where relaxation and breath can lead to a deeper connection with self. Space is a conceptual word. It’s an open concept that is interpreted in a variety of meanings. Here, the artist would like to leave this wide space to everyone; to experience the relaxation, the breath… anything that can be connected and imagined.

Kai Kiudsoo-Värv
The exhibition focuses on the colors of images in the artist’s memory found while going through her phone. The purple glow of a willowherb on the edge of a venom-green meadow, a mustard-yellow horizon above a turquoise sea, a pea-green minibus driving past a bright yellow house, snow-white and scarlet dishes on an indigo table… Which moments of life do you recall? The colours, smells and flavours that embody the emotions you have experienced. Some of these colour schemes from memories were transformed into jewellery with the help of goldsmith Indrek Ikkonen, while others were made by the author herself.

Yao Tan
The collection speaks about the subtle ambiguity between females and male. “”Infra-mince”” of which Marcel Duchamp spoke counted which is barely perceptible, barely identifiable, this notion represents a tiny and singularizing difference. The inspiration came from bodily sources, such as vulnerability, mutations, dualities, and formal metamorphosis. Her jewels are like chimeras, tactile and sensitive objects, and always questioning the relationship to our carnal desires. In this series, she looks for ways to interpret issues related to eroticism in a sensitive and poetic, but also ironic and sometimes violent way.

More about the exhibitions and the artists can be found on our website: https://agalerii.ee/en/en-kaasik-yao-varv-tan/