2015 Meeli Kõiva’s internationally recognized, success at the world’s leading glass conference Glass Performance Days

Meeli Kõiva aka Mery Ra Crystal was selected with her speech  to participate  at one of the world’s most important and leading glass conference Glass Perfomance Days Conference in Tampere, Finland June 24-26, 2015. This year, more than 500 top glass world experts participated at the conference.

The conference brings together leading innovators and superstars of the glass world:architects/engineers/business leaders/ glass industry leaders, pioneers and glass gurus.
GPD Finland 2015 was held from 24 June to 26 June 2015 in Tampere. The conference, exhibition and workshops brought together industry leaders and glass technology experts for three days for discussions, debates and networking.
This year, world famous architect firms as SOM, BIG, Eckersley O`Callaghan and other superstar firms took part. At the conference presentations were made by superstar architects as Keith Boswell, Kai -Uwe Bergmann, James O`Callaghan, Rainer Mahlamäki and others.


Meeli Koiva aka Mery Crystal Ra expressed at her presentation how the idea of an artist can change environment and space, both in buildings and in urban space in general. Our changing urban environment and architectural spaces are expecting new approaches, innovative communication and surprises. GPD creator and director Jorma Vitkala has said that Meeli Kõiva is one of the few artists in the world who has skillfully clued together the handwriting of the artist with the most modern unique innovative glass, lighting and video technologies.

Internationally recognized glass artist  Kõiva spoke on the 26th of June session  about Glass in the interior. Her speech was titled: “Interior as a fun playground communicating art through synergy of light, glass, video, digital printings and luminescent inspiration. She

introduced her radical artist’s practice, talked about her unique international  light-glass projects and presented her innovative glass paintings, glass-light sculptures and videos.
Forum focuses on innovation in the world of glass, for the future design and architecture. The international forum will be held in Finland for a glass of 15 times, and has conferences also in China, South America and India.

The conference was attended by many of the world’s top architects, engineers, designers, academics and decision-makers in the world of glass, in order to listen to the presentations, discussion and debate. Not only glass, but also, for example, environmental sustainability and solar issues – things that are directly related to the glass. At the glass forum were also represented Dow Corning, Saint Gobain Glass, Ove Arup and Partners, Schott AG, Pilkington, Emirates Glass, Glaston Corporation, and others.

The Glass Performance conference  organized also Glass Innovation Institute training sessions and workshops from June 22-24 in Helsinki. Glass Innovation Institute presented speeches by world leading superstars in glass sky as SOM partner Keith Boswell and  Meeli Kõiva was also invited to collaborate with the team of the world’s leading glass Glass Innovation Innovation Institute Instute GII.

Innovative glass art ideas and unique architectural art solutions by Meeli Koiva got top compliments from conference organizers and visitors.


by Olavi Wallenius