2007 contemporary glass museum opened in Turkey

In Eskisehir, one of the biggest university towns in Turkey, a contemporary glass museum was recently opened. The idea and initiative belong to the head of the department of glass of the Anadolu University, ceramist and glass artist Ekrem Kula. Housing the museum is a wonderful example of ottoman architecture, tastefully and delicately restored house with an inner covered yard complete with a fountain. The historical surroundings are at the same time complemented and contrasted by examples of contemporary glass, mostly by glass artists of Turkey.

Turkish art glass today seems to be on a rising wave, and enjoying great popularity and success. In some aspects influenced by western glass, the local traditions incorporated in the works often make a surprising unity.

The recently established department of glass of the Anadolu University is in its fourth year and in 2008 the first students will graduate. On several occasions the department has hosted foreign tutors, among them Eeva Käsper (Estonia) in 2006, Gernot and Ursula Merker (Germany) and Piotr Stramski (Poland) in 2007.

In November 2007 the international ceramic and glass conference SERES brought together many artists from all over the world. Nabuyuki Fujiwara (Japan), Kazimierz Pawlak (Poland) and Mare Saare (Estonia) each conducted a glass workshop and made presentations. Their works, as well as these of Eeva Käsper, Ursula Merker and Piotr Stramsky now belong to the collection of the new museum.