Ave Maser "Mask" 2003

Ave Maser “Mask” 2003

20.04 – 08.05.2012
Hop gallery
Hobusepea 2

Thousands of wheel-cuts create an engraving on glass, controlled by the master’s hand and perfect vision. Engraving is the most intimate of glass techniques, a symbol of meditation, introspection and continuous improvement.

Among the Estonian glass artists of the first half of the 20th century engraving on glass was one of the main means of expression. In the 21st century its role has radically diminished, mostly due to the growing popularity of hot glass and fusing techniques. Nevertheless, even in the rush of the present times, engraving on glass has its place and meaning. It is a challenging process, demanding from the artist accuracy and good drawing skills. The time-consuming performance attracts many a maker due to its meditative and contemplative qualities. A trace of wheel on glass is like a brush-stroke on canvas, a word in a poem, a sound in music – emotive, personal and inimitable.

The exhibition „FACE BOOK“ presents engraved works created at the department of glass of the Estonian Academy of Arts from year 2000 to 2012.
It also celebrates the 75th anniversary of the department founded in 1936/37. From its start the role of engraving, cutting and grinding glass has been significant in Estonian glass art. By showing these works we wish to underline the supportive meaning of continuity in the inconstancy of times.

Mare Saare