635You are welcome to come and join Estonian Glass Artists´ Union presentation of the album TEN YEARS OF ESTONIAN GLASS ART 1997–2007.
Presentation held on November 23rd, from 16:00 to 17:00 at the Estonian History Museum Great Guild Hall in Tallinn (at 17 Pikk Street).

The album “TEN YEARS OF ESTONIAN GLASS ART 1997–2007“ presents the achievements of Estonian professional glass artists of the turn of the century. A lot of important things have happened during that period – a new generation of glass artists has grown up, trends have changed and opportunities diversified. Both new and historical techniques are used and experimented with. International glass events are held and visited. Several glass artists have won remarkable professional contests.
Different glass finishing techniques have been represented almost in their whole historical variety.
The subject matter is wide – from deeply personal to global themes. Glass in its enticing variety of expressive potential is reflected in the artists’ works differently. Colour, shine, monumentality, transparency, fragility, sharpness, danger – everything is there.

Album is compiled by Eve Koha and designed by Enno Piir.

This album contains works from 30 Estonian glass artist’s, their curricula vitae and the following articles „INTRODUCTION. FROM RECOGNITION TO RECOGNITION“ (Eve Koha), “GLASS ART IN ESTONIA IN THE LAST 10 YEARS“ (Tiina Sarapu), “ON THE BORDERLINE BETWEEN ART AND HANDICRAFT“ (Mare Saare), „GLASSBLOWING STUDIOS OF PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS IN ESTONIA“ (Kai Saarepuu) and “THE STORY OF ESTONIAN GLASS DESIGN“ (Maie Ann Raun).
Articles are both in Estonian and English.

President of the Estonian Glass Artists´ Union
Kai Kiudsoo-Värv