2007 Tiina Sarapu in Hop Gallery

344“The Light and Silence in Sound”
December 7th-25th of 2007

A human being accepts the world through senses. But quite often we would like to share, what we have received. It has come to my mind, that while accepting something with one sense it is easier to describe and share the experience through another, different one. Vision and hearing are mutually complementing and interpreting senses. While describing visual art forms and my own process of creation I have developed an affection of using the terms from music. I also have heard some musicians use terms from the visual arts to open their own specialty.

345Installation “The Light and Silence in Sound” is an improvisation about receiving and reflecting on.

What is it we hear when silence makes sound?
What is it we hear when light makes sound?

Everything said and told creates resonance and reflection. As well as do message untold, being silent, a sound yet to be created.

It is difficult to look straight into the sun; it is easier to feel its warmth or observe the moon.

One can see more clear reflection of oneself and the world, while listening to the light and silence with raised consciousness.

Tiina Sarapu