2004 Maie-Ann Raun presents her work

On July 15, Maie-Ann Raun, the head designer for the Tarbeklaas factory, opened her exhibition at the Design & Architecture Gallery in Tallinn, titled “The Sea.”
The dominant feature of the show is an installation “The Sea,” made up of 60 glass waves.
Other exhibited works bear somewhat marine connotations as well: the HÜTI collection – a set of reconstructions of 17th century glass from Hüti, on the isle of Hiiumaa. Made between 1628 and 1664 , the collection included everyday and luxury glassware. The reconstructions were executed at the
SKANKRISTALL factory in 2003 and TARBEKLAAS factory in 2004; historical sources used for the work are being preserved at the Estonian Museum of History.
The exhibition celebrates the beginnings of the Estonian glass industry 375 years ago; its continuity and centuries-old tradition of high standards. It is a contrasting symbiosis of the present day and history, assuring the potential of glassmaking in Estonia in the 21th century.
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