2004 The jubilee exhibition of Maie-Ann Raun

2004 Maie-Ann Raun opens her jubilee show
The jubilee exhibition of Maie-Ann Raun – the Grand Old Lady of Estonian
glass art – opened on January 22 in the Masters’ Courtyard Gallery, Tallinn.
The exhibition, titled “365 days” presents recent works from 2003.
Prof. emeritus Maie-Ann Raun, who recently celebrated her 65th birthday, has
been on the forefront of Estonian glass art and glassware production for
decades, taking care of its well-being. The Estonian glass industry survived
one of its toughest crises last year, when the Skankristall (former
Tarbeklaas) factory was on the verge of closing down. As the factory’s
leading designer, she worked days – sometimes nights – for its salvation.
The works exhibited at Masters’ Courtyard reflect the pains and gains of
this process, as well as the survival strength of the Estonian glass
industry. Most of the pieces on display were designed for production –
elegant dishes and chalices in great variety.
The exhibition stays open until February 14.