libavetelOn Ghost Waters – a unique exhibition of glass sculptures by Ivo Lill at Red Hall
Exhibition in the Red Hall of the Telliskivi Creative City, 12-27 September 2015
Glass: Ivo Lill, photography: Ülo Josing, design: Maret Kukkur

A placidly rippling river transforms into a quicksilver ghost stream coursing through an abandoned industrial environment. Glass glitters along the banks and the rippling reflections on the surface exert a will-o’-the-wisp-like pull down into the depths of the water. Long, colourful shadows are cast on the dingy walls. As one drifts down the ghost waters, bleak reality disappears, opening the way into a mythological fantasy world – but like ghost waters anywhere, only until the cock crows…

The exhibition venue is the Red Hall, located next to the Open Stage in the Telliskivi Creative City – a 650 m2 desolated factory building!

Both this exhibition and Ivo Lill’s work in general were inspired by WATER – the sound, beauty and dynamics of flowing water. In the past cases, the impetus was natural bodies of water, but this time the exhibition is built on contrast and an influx of “ghost waters” into an abandoned industrial building.

The exhibition designer, theatre artist Maret Kukkur, has staged the event by a 120m2 artificial body of water – the ghost river – inside the Red Hall. Ivo Lill’s glass sculptures will be placed on banks made of decrepit wood, with reflections visible on the surface. Large-scale photographs taken by Ülo Josing of the same works in a natural setting will be projected on the walls.

Ivo Lill’s 2013 solo exhibition in the Tallinn Art Hall Gallery set an audience record with 5,492 visitors, inspiring the artist to offer his work to the public in a setting with a twist, in hope that people will want to see his work in a non-traditional envronment as well.