2011 Meeli Kõiva, Kateriin Rikken MAGIC EYE

637On the northern coast of Võrtsjärv, in the oldest Estonian glass factory Meleski, the Meleski Culture Factory has been launched. Its first endeavour is the summer play Läbi klaasi (Through glass) by the Viljandi Ugala theatre, the premiere of which takes place on 6th of August. A day earlier, the exhibition Salasilm (Magic eye) by Meeli Kõiva and Kateriin Rikken will be opened.
The play Läbi klaasi has been written by Mats Traat and directed by Priit Pedajas, the stage artist is Liina Unt. The plays are performed in the Meleski glass factory at the weekends in August. The exhibition Salasilm is an impromptu project of two artists mainly operating abroad who exhibit their pieces that are available in Estonia at the moment.

Meeli Kõiva "Parasite Beach" and glass animation "Feuille qui vole"

Meeli Kõiva “Parasite Beach” and glass animation “Feuille qui vole”

The internationally recognized glass artist Meeli Kõiva (http://joost.ee/mery-crystal-ra) exhibits smaller glass sculptures of moving light and a video and slide programme that unfolds the unlimited opportunities of glass and art in imaginable and unimaginable places and symbioses. “The former glass factory of Meleski inspired me as an exhibition venue because the past and future of glass meet here and this gives a very interesting experience of time shift where on old foundation a new quality can be born“, said Meeli Kõiva. In her art, Meeli Kõiva uses the works of the composer Margo Kõlar.

Kateriin Rikken ((http://www.kateriinrikken.com) exhibits a four piece series of lamps called Juxtapose. The lamps are characterized by minimalist form and switching on of the lamps reveals hidden cracks that create mysterious landscapes of light and shadow.

Meeli Kõiva "Parasite Beach", Kateriin Rikken "Juxtapose"

Meeli Kõiva “Parasite Beach”, Kateriin Rikken “Juxtapose”

The design was inspired by both modern technology and historical glass blowing techniques where plates were used for making window glass. Kateriin Rikken says that both artists are exhibiting glass studies where it is not words but a piece of art that performs. The impetuous project was only possible thanks to the artists’ audacity to exhibit their work in a new place and with a new partner with whom they have never cooperated before. However, thanks to the artists’ common orientation to combining glass with light and a special exhibition ground, the project that initially created doubts has brought along plenty of freshness and inspiration, says Rikken.

Meeli Kõiva "Time Shift"

Meeli Kõiva “Time Shift”

In spring, extensive reconditioning works were carried out in Meleski Culture Factory that have significantly increased the 3 hectar area’s uses for different culture events. In the main building of the culture factory there is space for 500 spectators and three times more people can enjoy events on open air stages. Meleski is located near the beautiful sand beach of Võrtsjärv.

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Meeli Kõiva`s glass animations are created from glass-light sculptures and glass paintings and carrying different philosophies.Sound is created by composer Margo Kõlar.Glass animations by Meeli Koiva:”Feuille qui vole”, “Unknown bird”, “Burned bridges”, “Secret Eye”.