2002 Facing the Sea

The Estonian Glass Artists’ Union holds its annual exhibition – this time titled ‘Facing the Sea’ from December 20, 2002 to January 31, 2003, in the Estonian Marine Museum, Pikk St. 70, Tallinn.

The sea has a mysterious power to evoke both rest and restlessness. it inspires awe with its might and diversity; it can’t be conquered – it just is there. Has always been there, by itself and in its own rhythm.
As a seaside people, we’ve grown used to it; yet no one dares to claim knowing it thoroughly. It evokes different feelings in us all; it can’t be summed up in a short statement.

The exhibition shows various authors’ relation to the topic. Glass – their common means of expression – shares with the sea its unpredictability.

The 17 participating authors’ works range from monumental sculptures to utility objects.
The participants are:
Ivo Lill, Eve Koha, Rait Prääts, Pilvi Ojamaa, Maie-Ann Raun (prof.
emeritus), Maie Mikof, Kai Kiudsoo-Värv, Sofi Arshas, Merle Kannus, Kati
Kerstna, Merle Lobjakas, Kätlin Pahlberg, Kalli Sein, Tiina Sarapu,
Kaire-Leen Varik, Malle Karik-Hallimäe, Vilja Volens.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Estonian Culture Foundation and OY Megaluumen