2008 FRAGILES Mare Saare’s personal exhibition

425Mare Saare’s (b. 1955) personal exhibition Fragiles is open in Hobusepea gallery from June 26 to July 7, 2008.
424Mare Saare has participated in exhibitions since 1978. Saare graduated from the department of glass of the Estonian State Art Institute in 1979. Since 2001 she has worked as a professor in the department of glass at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Saare has been acknowledged in many exhibitions abroad, her works have found way to numerous collections of museums and institutions.
While working on the current series of works, Saare has reformed “fragile” into “fragiles” − uniting the delicate, the vulnerable and the vanishing into the form of glass. According to the artist, the first “fragile” was born in spring 2006, out of the desire to express the artist’s experience of hurt and injustice. These emotions were poured into a concrete form in glass through which they were set free.
The process of sand changing into glass and then falling back into sand again presents an eternal return – reminding us of everything valuable being simultaneously delicate yet eternal.

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