March 7 – April 22, 2005
Masters’ Courtyard Gallery, Vene t.6, Tallinn
Curator: prof. emeritus Maie-Ann Raun, Estonian Academy of Art

More than 2000 exhibits feature iridescent shards – archaeological finds from the sites of our oldest glass huts: Hüti (1628 – 1664), Piirsalu (1740 – 1790), Gorodjonka (1764 – 1771), Laashoone (1764 – 1775) and Lehtse / Rekka (1776 – 1808).
The exhibition is made possible thanks to the research work of MAKS ROOSMA (1909 – 1971) – the founding father of Estonian glass, our first professional glass artist, teacher and historian. He conducted his excavations during 1958-1965, and remains the only one who ever did research in this area. While his engravings are well-known, his archaeological materials are exhibited for the first time in history.
Roosma’s own creations are represented by 5 pieces from the years 1938 to 1959. The masterpiece “Kalevipoeg Fighting the Devils” (1959) can be seen as a summary of his life’s work.
An installation of 50 vessels – Hüti 375 – presents replicas of the ancient Hüti ware, executed at the Skankristall factory in 2003, and is a hommage to the dignified history of glass in Estonia, continuing to survive in the 21st century.
The fight for the Estonain glass industry’s development was the life’s work of Maks Roosma. He dedicated his strength and deep knowledge to this, and to recovering its heritage. This show expresses his students’ gratitude on Roosma’s 95th anniversary.
A conference on the same topic will be held in April.