2004 “Light.Things”.

on June 9, the Estonian embassy in Berlin presented and exhibition by Estonian lighting and textile designers. Participated by Mait Summatavet, Tarmo Luisk, Ttnis Vellama, Pent Talvet, Merike Rehepapp, Sirli Ptllumäe, Veiko Vaine, Kaido Kivi, Igor Volkov, Riho Tiivel, Mehis Tiitsar, Kristjan Sisa, Gabriel Verilaskja and Kalli Sein – lamps and light objects; Elna Kaasik, Monika Järg, Annike Laigo, Mare Kelpman, Eva-Liisa Kriis – textile, the exhibit stays open throughout summer.
The light objects have been exhibitied previously at the Design Gallery in Tallinn, 2003; at the Blackheads’ House in Riga in 2003; and together with textiles, at the Design Forum in Helsinki in May this year.