2003 FIRE AND WATER Haapsalu Glass Festival

The first international hot glass symposium in Estonia
July 9-13, 2003, Haapsalu
Lectures and slide shows by guest artists; presentations of the guest artists´ work and glass art in different countries.
Lectures are open for everyone.
Public demonstrations of glassblowing and -casting by internationally recognized artists in the courtyard of the Eval Okas Museum, Karja st.24.
July 13, 4 p.m. exhibition of participating artists´works opened at the same location; open till July 27.
Organizers: Haapsalu Municipal Government – Krista Esta, tel + 372 47 25300
The Evald Okas Museum Foundation – Kai Koppel
Five exhibitions of Estonian glass art, featuring artists from all generations, open on July 9 in different galleries of Haapsalu. They present a comprehensive survey of Estonian glass art today.
1. Haapsalu Children´s Art School (Karja st.6) – IVO LILL
One of the most recognized Estonian glass artists in the world, Ivo Lill celebrates his 50th birthday with this exhibition.Some of his achievements include:
Silver medal, Kanazawa International Glass Show 2001
Baltic Art Triennial award, 1988
Kristjan Raud Prize, 1999
Estonian Artists´Union award, 1986
Lill´s works are found in many museums and private collections, including the Corning Museum, Ebeltoft Glass Museum in Denmark, Frauaenau Glass Museum in Germany, and the papal art collection in Vatican. He was the author of 2002 Eurovision song contest trophies, tthe Dark Nights Film Festival awards, and the Estonian Drama Theatre annual awards.
The current exhibition features Lill´s characteristic cold-worked glass, combined with painting, sandblasting and adhesives. It presents a survey of many years´creations.
Opening July 9, 12 .00; closing July 31.
2. Kuke Gallery (Karja st.7) PILVI OJAMAA – engravings on glass and crystal.
Pilvi Ojamaa represents the older generation of Estonian glass artists; she is known for her masterly copper-wheel engravings. A few years ago, she gave a comprehensive survey of her works at the Estonian national Library.
Ojamaa represented Estonia at the international Engraved Glass Symposium 2002 in the Czech Republic.
Her works stand out for their harmonious composition and virtuoso execution. This exhibition shows her recent works.
Opening July 9, 11.30 a.m. Closing July 31.
3. FIve Cross Apothecary (Wiedemann st.2) – KAIRE-LEEN VARIK & KAI KIUDSOO-VÄRV
Varik presents her narrative, vivid “glass pictures”, characterized by bold colours and unrestricted approach.
Kai Kiudsoo-Värv shows a selection of recent works – blown forms and humorous sculptural objects, combining glass with metal and ceramics.
Openind July 9, 11 a.m. Closing July 21.
4 Haapsalu Resort Hall – SOFI ARSAS
Still lives of melted glass, which also contain typical elements of traditional still life – string instruments, paltes, fruits, carpets – exhibited on note pedestals as a hint of the ties between art and music.
Opening July 9, 7 p.m.Closing July 31.
5 Karja 6 – OF GLASS
A show of young artists´ graduation works: Liisi Junolainen, Merle Lobjakas, Helena Kreen,
Kristel Sibul, Kaja Vaikre, Kati Kerstna, Triin Keerend, Rait Parts, Virve Kiil.
Sculptural jewellery, glass sheet installations, glass casting etc.
Opening July 9, 1 p.m. Closing July 27.