2015 Sofi Aršas at the HOP Gallery

arsasOpening of Sofi Arshas’ personal exhibition Heavenly Cocoon and Earthly Additions: Situation II takes place on Friday, 27th of March at 17.00 at the Hop gallery in Tallinn.

Sofi Arshas is a glass artist, graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts, Department of Glass Art, in 1992. She has participated in exhibitions both in Estonia and abroad since 2001, including 9 personal exhibitions.

Current exhibition is a sequel to the installation Situations, which was exhibited in the Tartu Art House at the end of last year. The author continues featuring situations related to sense of danger and security, and this time she adds an interactive aspect with a possibility to observe the relations between an individual artwork and the exhibition as a whole when the focus changes from one object to another.

In addition to the central video work, the exhibition also consists of smaller glass objects which carry a symbolic message and are in close connection with the above-mentioned. The glass objects create as if a separate exposition apart the installation. Exhibition inside exhibition.

Distant messages from Calvinist era through the still lifes painted by Pieter Glaesz create a bridge between the past and the present, thereby addressing everyone who would like to reflect on existence in this troubled world.

The secured world shrinks tighter as a pile of sand after a cyclone.

The importance of casual things is doubtful and uncertainty about tomorrow makes the surroundings fragile and crumbling from your hands.

Human life as a glass ball  that can break at any moment, an open book where the story ends with the pages, or a goblet where a single sparkling drop of wine is like the last breath of joy of life. Everything changes and transforms and switches forms. I would like to wrap myself in a pale blue cocoon and let myself to be carried to the heavenly landscapes. Simply just to be.

The exposition includes video, photo and melted and blown glass.

Estonian Ministry of Culture and Estonian Cultural Endowment support exhibitions at the Hop gallery.