2007 sculpture exhibition “Sculpture in Context” in Dublin

372It was the 23rd time for the annual sculpture exhibition “Sculpture in Context” to take place in Dublin, Ireland. From September 5 to October 20, 2007 123 authors from Ireland, USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Hungary, France, Canada, Norway and Estonia showed their works at the Dublin National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin.

The wide range of works from small-size figures and forms to monumental sculptures, capable of impressive influence on their surroundings, were exhibited inside the glasshouses, among plants and trees in the gardens and in a special art gallery. Materials used by artists included stone, bronze, glass, ceramics, plaster, textile, paper, artificial and natural fibres, and their combinations.

Estonia was this year represented by Mare Saare with works from the series “Fragiles”, its message being a delicate warning of gradual destruction of the most essential values of life.

The growing public success of the exhibition will safeguard its presence at the Botanic Gardens next autumn.