2011 Annual exhibition of Estonian Glass Artists´ Union PAIR

616The Annual exhibition of the Estonian Glass Artists’ Union under the name „Pair“ brings together artists, showing essential events and developments both in the community and inside themselves.

Sometimes it is not enough to express one’s idea just by one artifact. A pair is needed, to forward the intended information, either by harmonious or contrasting interconnection. A work of art may define oneself by another work of art. One may be too lonely. Two would complement, support each other, become a perfect entirety.

Oftentimes there would not be just one clear point of view, one absolute truth. Socially important issues always have at least a couple of conflicting standpoints. Nevertheless, one accomplished work of art may reflect an inner world so rich that unambiguous comprehension would become impossible. Therefore – which pair would be the perfect one?

26 Estonian glass artists – Kairit Annus, Sofi Aršas, Piret Ellamaa, Malle Karik-Hallimäe, Kai Kiudsoo-Värv, Eve Koha, Helena Kreem, Marilin Kristjuhan, Eeva Käsper, Anne-Liis Leht, Ivo Lill, Maie Mikof-Liivik, Liisi Napp, Birgit Pählapuu, Heli Press, Rait Prääts, Kristi Ringkjob, Peeter Rudaš, Mare Saare, Maret Sarapu, Tiina Sarapu, Eili Soon, Katrin Tukmann, Kristiina Uslar, Kersti Vaks, Vilja Volens, and 9 students of the Estonia Academy of Arts – Andra Jõgis, Mikk Jäger, Reelika Lukas, Külli Nidermann, Kristiina Oppi, Mai Schults, Caspar Sild, Maria Tamm and Maarja Treufeldt participate.

The exhibition PAIR in the Kullo Children’s Gallery (Kuninga st 6, Tallinn) is open July 8-30, 2011.

Tuesday – Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM

Adults 0,50 EUR, pupils, students, art teachers, pensioneers 0,20 EUR

Concept: Eili Soon

Working group: Merle Bukovec, Kai Kiudsoo-Värv, Eili Soon ja Maret Sarapu

Graphic design: Liisi Napp

Sponsored by: Estonia Culture Endowment