2009 “Imaginary Space” in Frauenau

In the competition of glass sculptures park in Frauenau EEVA KÄSPER’s & TIINA SARAPU’s work IMAGINARY SPACE was chosen. Work will be realized in spring 2010.


The mirror installation “Imaginary Space” is a game with our cognition of a room, reality and appearance. It offers variations and new perspectives to familiar surroundings waking our dozed perceptions. While moving around in the “Imaginary Space” unexpected appearance and disappearances occur. Surprising reflections and multiplied mirror images invite us to relate to the world in a metaphysic way.

“Imaginary Space” is going through a constant change in the rhythm of the nature and the seasons. It reflects the sunrise and the rain, green of the grass and white of the snow, Frauenau and the museum of glass. “Imaginary Space” is an exciting journey of discoveries for the grown-ups and labyrinth of endless finds for the children.

More than being an object in itself the “Imaginary Space” is an environment, where it displays.

526Specification of an object

“Imaginary Space” is an installation of twelve two-sided mirror panels. The panels are displayed in circle with a diameter of 364 cm with a 35° cornerwise to the circle tangent. Panels in 85 x 220 cm include two mirrors and the supporting metal frame between them.