The Third Haapsalu Glass Days
July 16-23, 2005
Evald Okas Museum,
Karja 24, Haapsalu

Exhibition of works:
July 23- August 14, 2005
Opening ceremony: 4 p.m. July 16
Exhibition opens: 4 p.m. July 23

Theme: light objects

White glass, with its translucency or semi-opaqueness, possesses a certain mystery,
an element of disguise. This year’s hot glass festival in Haapsalu focuses on light objects
made of white glass. The keywords are light, luminosity, whiteness in all its
possible connotations; inspiration may be found from the full moon, from a blank screen,
from the White Lady – whatever comes to mind.

So who’s the White Lady?
The most renowned of Estonia’s ghastly apparitions, she presents herself in a window of the Haapsalu
Dome Church every time the harvest moon reaches fullness in August.
Her story speaks of the Dark Ages. A girl was caught in the service of the church choir,
where she had infiltrated, disguised as a boy. For punishment, she was set in the wall of the church alive.

Working conditions:
The glass furnace is located outdoors, under a roof.
There’s 80 kilos of white glass in the tub.
Two master glassblowers provide their assistance.
For cast glass works, the thickness limit is 6 cm.

Information: kontakt [at] klaasikunst [dot] ee