Annual exhibition of the Estonian Glass artists’ Union
August 8 – September 18, 2005

Curators: Kati Kerstna, Maret Sarapu
Location: St. John’s Hospital ruins, Tartu mnt. … Tallinn

The title “Broken Things” is not meant to refer to cups without ears, nor shattered windows; rather, it aims to draw attention to the ailments of the world, of society and of the individual – be it holes in the ozone layer, drug addiction or anything that’s unwhole, unsound, unhealthy.

Each of us has had different problems, painful experiences, “broken things” at different stages of one’s life. Cracks may appear in memories or fantasies, in bones or souls.

The nature of “brokenness” depends on the modes and causes of breaking – time, life, violence, accident, society, environment, lack of attention or caring, … thus the different terms we apply to a broken thing: martyre, victim, trash, junk etc. In a way, the terms also reflect their user.

A broken thing can still have value: whether aesthetic qualities, human experience, point of comparison or other. And – most of all – a potential of repair. A mended thing can be treasured more than the one that never got broken – just like a returning lost son is dearer than the one who stayed home.

All these – and more – are ideas we call the participants to reflect on in their works. A critical, sarcastic or pessimistic point of view can exist alongside with humour and good will; proposals for mending what’s broken are welcomed.

The fragile character of glass, in itself, sounds like a literal reflection of the theme: broken things – broken glass; but perhaps there are less obvious ways to utilize the material.

The site of the exhibition – the recently unearthed ruins of St.John’s Hospital – used to be a refuge for poor lepers; the breakthrough of a new highway was altered because of the find. Now covered with a glass roof, it is one of Tallinn’s newest landmarks. Another example of a mended broken thing.

Declare your wish of participation by March 1, 2005 to the address kontakt [at] klaasikunst [dot] ee
Present a description of your work by May 1, 2005. You may include photos, sketches etc.