2004 Maie-Ann Raun’s exhibition MOTHER (GLASS) RIVER


Maie-Ann Raun’s exhibition MOTHER (GLASS) RIVER opens August 26, 2004 in the Tartu Art Hall.

The impulse behind her creations is the dynamics of water. Running diagonally across the gallery floor is an installation of turquoise green glass waves, inspired by the flow of Emajõgi (Mother River) that runs through the city of Tartu. The glass is speckled with bubbles of air, reminiscent of foam and splashing water.

Red glass objects contrast the green river, bearing associations of riverside fall colours.

Open thru Sept. 13.

Thanks to: Tarbeklaas factory, esttonian Artists’ Union, MR Piller,

Jaan Rüütmann; Urmas Ott; Tõnis Paberit; Külli Aleksanderson; Merle Lobjakas

Special thanks to master glassblower Raivo Uri, who executed the works – for cooperation that started in 2003, when M. Raun became head designer of the Tarbeklaas factory.


Külli Aleksanderson


Tartu Artists’ Union

Vanemuise 26, Tartu

Maie-Ann Raun

6617079; 5518378

Tarbeklaas factory

Marati 12, Tallinn