2004 Focus

Kalli Sein. The End. 2004

Kalli Sein. The End. 2004

On Thursday, August 12, 2004 the annual exhibition of the Estonian Glass Artists’ Union will open in the Hobusepea Gallery in Tallinn.

“FOCUS” is a so-called pocket-exhibiton of miniature glass. The concept of a pocket-exhibiton was called forth by the idea of a touring exhibition. Glass, usually heavy and at the same time extremely fragile, is often causing problems while being sent to exhibitions. The small dimensions (up to 10x10x10 cm) of the works will make touring easier.

Helena Kreem. Noise Filter. 2004

Helena Kreem. Noise Filter. 2004

But the main objective of the participating artists was the opportunity to, in a way, to “exit the limits”, in spite of the small dimensions to, nevertheless, emphasize something substantial.

What is focus?

In Latin it means hearth, fireplace.

Focal point.

The point of concentration of the parallel rays of light after being refracted from a lense or reflected from a mirror.


Focusing, pointing, sharpening the image.

Hocus-pocus… Why not?

32 artist participate: Arkadi Anishchik, Denis Anishchik, Sofi Arshas, Malle Hallimäe, Liisi Junolainen, Eha-Pilvi Jõgi, Kristi Kask, Kati Kerstna, Virve Kiil, Kai Kiudsoo-Värv, Eve Koha, Helena Kreem, Eeva Käsper-Lennuk, Ivo Lill, Ave Maser, Maie Mikof-Liivik, Pilvi Ojamaa, Anne Oks, Kairi Orgusaar, Maire Pyykkö, Toomas Riisalu, Mare Saare, Kai Saarepuu, Maret Sarapu, Tiina Sarapu, Kalli Sein, Eili Soon, Kristiina Uslar, Kaja Vaikre, Kersti Vaks, Kaire-Leen Varik, Kristel Õunapuu.

At the opening ceremony the first honourable nomination for the title of Recognized Glass Artist of the year will be announced.

Curator of the exhibiton: Eve Koha

Exhibition design: Tea Tammelaan

Light design: Üllar Võrno

The exhibition of miniature glass will be open until August 23, 2004.

The exhibition is sponsored by: the Estonian Culture Foundation, the Estonian Artists’ Association, the Estonian Glass Artists’ Union.