2003 EXHIBITION Hüti Glassworks at Hiiumaa 375

Masters´Courtyard Gallery, Vene St.6, October 3-November 30
Presentation of research materials Oct.23, 5 p.m.
The show presents some of the oldest original artefacts from the Estonian Art Museum, along with recent reconstructions of the Hüti products (originating from 1628-1664) and improvisations inspired by them – bottles, bowls, jugs, beakers, cups etc.
The main sources of information for doing the reconstructions have been Maks Roosma´s (1909-1971) research paper “Hüti Glassworks at Hiiumaa. An Outline of a Glass Manufacture´s Activities in 17th-Century Estonia,” Kunst Publishers, Tallinn, 1966, along with Fund 17966 of the Estonian Museum of History, containing data from M.Roosma´s 1958-1961 excavations at the village of Hüti – a systematized catalogue of found glass artefacts and written materials.
The newly-produced glassware was hand-blown at the Skankristall Ltd. glass factory (previously Tarbeklaas) between August and October, 2003. supervised by prof.emeritus Maie-Ann Raun.
The exhibition celebrates the beginnings of the Estonian glass industry 375 years ago; it points to continuity and high artistic standards
throughout the 20th century, beginning with the old Lorup Factory, which continued under the name of Tarbeklaas and Skankristall, and to the national glass industry´s potential in the 21th century.
Estonian Academy of Art, glass department
Estonian Museum of History
Skankristall Ltd. glass factory
Masters´Courtyard Gallery